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    Opinion: Will postage stamps ever lose their relevance to the design world?

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Illustration: Vincent Mahe's excellent drawings of his Parisian neighbours

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Publication: FUEL's new book explores codes hidden in Russian prisoners' tattoos

    Rob Alderson •
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    Furniture Design: Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson just reinvented the humble shelving unit

    Liv Siddall •
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    Here 2014: Penny Martin of The Gentlewoman will join us at Here 2014

    Lisa Farrell •
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    Art: Update – Jim'll Paint It is still brilliant in case you were wondering

    Rob Alderson •
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    Illustration: Even if you can't read French, check out this beautiful and hilarious comic from Vincent Pianina

    Liv Siddall •
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    Photography: Ramon Haindl adds beautiful reportage to his portfolio of fashion photography

    James Cartwright •
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    Publication: Andy Massaccesi designs Sublime for a Milan-based model agency

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Graphic Design: Whoever chose Tom of Finland to be on Finnish stamps is a genius

    Liv Siddall •
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    Film: Richard Mosse's amazing infrared imagery becomes a majestic, haunting film

    Rob Alderson •
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    Bookshelf: Up this week is Top Boy director Jonathan Van Tulleken!

    Liv Siddall •
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    Illustration: Succulents, planets and embalming in Hye Jin Chung's world

    Maisie Skidmore •
  14. Nicertuesdays-march-1323

    Nicer Tuesdays: See Rebecca Broomfield's talk from our prank-themed Nicer Tuesdays!

    It's Nice That •
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    Photography: Rachel Sussman documents The Oldest Living Things In The World

    Rob Alderson •
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    Graphic Design: Leif Podhajsky's latest work for Kelis is a stunning vinyl package

    James Cartwright •
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    Illustration: Tim King is doing an "A Drawing a Day" project to trump all others!

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Illustration: Navigate joyfully around the lovely new Nous Vous website

    Liv Siddall •
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    Photography: A celebration of the humble pocket in new Gentlewoman

    Rob Alderson •
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    Product Design: Swedish student's system to pay at shops by using vein scanning!

    Rob Alderson •
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    Illustration: Cheeky classical sculptures and severed hands in the portfolio of Sara Andreasson

    James Cartwright •
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    Graphic Design: Studio Beige put together a super-cool identity for a supermarket

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    My Favourite Music Video: Camilla Mantovani on Radiohead's epic Street Spirit

    Liv Siddall •
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    Photography: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs photographed photobooth-style by Dan Martensen

    Liv Siddall •
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    Competition: Design a concept for new Jaguar model inspired by "Fearless design"

    Sponsored Article •
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    Publication: Excellent book documents the graphic design brilliance of Hugo Puttaert

    Rob Alderson •
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    Furniture Design: Jamie Wolfond arrives in Milan with stunning new furniture and an online shop

    James Cartwright •
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    Photography: Mexico, India and Morocco through the eyes of photographer Mowgli

    Sophia Epstein •
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    Graphic Design: Typographers with too much time on their hands? Meet the fantastic Friends of Type

    Liv Siddall •
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    The Weekender: Pugs, muppets and shepherds pie all feature in our weird, weekly supplement

    Liv Siddall •
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    Illustration: Glorious new work from the very talented Serafine Frey

    Maisie Skidmore •
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    Mixtape: Anna Calvi has made us a Friday mixtape and it's really, really great!

    Liv Siddall •