1. Botw_wk_55512 Best of the Web Wrap up warm with this week's Best of the Web
  2. Janelist Photography This is Jane: a charming photo series that displays the empowerment of women
  3. Aaron-fernandez-int-list Illustration Brooklyn-based illustrator Aaron Fernandez’s fluorescent editorial commissions
  4. Laura_jouan_int_list Graphic Design London-based designer Laura Jouan’s well-considered, monochrome portfolio
  5. Nt_december_list Nicer Tuesdays Join Jonathan Barnbrook, Maisie Willoughby, Wallace Henning, Anna Lomax and Jess Bonham at Nicer Tuesdays December
  6. Legs1 Art Legs 11: artist Alfie Kungu’s comically long-trousered figures
  7. Retoschmidlist Photography Reto Schmid: a fashion editorial photographer with sarcastic undertones
  8. Diary_dec_724x474 Diary December Diary: where to go and what to see
  9. Late_night_work_club_strangers_int_list2 Animation Animation collective Late Night Work Club release its second anthology of shorts
  10. Listss Events Somerset House Studios launches its first public programme
  11. Master_christmas_baubles_mirror_r03 Product Design The New Tradition Collection: a new take on the Christmas bauble by Richard Clarkson studio
  12. List Photography Exclusive: Kasabian's official photographer Neil Bedford takes us backstage
  13. Odiseo_vol_9_its_nice_that_li Publication Erotic journal Odiseo explores laughter and loathing in its ninth volume (NSFW)
  14. Lost_art_the_avalanches_wildflower Graphic Design Nine years in the making: Lost Art design The Avalanches' much anticipated album release
  15. Ward_heirwegh_int_list Graphic Design Antwerp-based designer Ward Heirwegh’s experimental portfolio of projects for the arts
  16. Apartamento_list Publication Apartamento release their first cookbook with delicious illustrations from Oscar Grønner
  17. Defaultman_homepageimage Digital Penguin creative technology team launches Grayson Perry computer game and typeface
  18. Thingslist Things Things: the post that cheered us up this November
  19. Jack_hudson_nicer-tuesdays Nicer Tuesdays Jack Hudson, Gemma Germains, Madeleine Penny and Jamie Clifton at Nicer Tuesdays November
  20. Nina-jua-klein_list Graphic Design Designer Nina Jua Klein on going it alone after years as part of a studio
  21. Richard_sandler_eyes_of_the_city_int_list Publication Richard Sandler’s street photography conveys the intricacies of city life
  22. Bombay_sapphire_stephen_hendee_candles_r01_cropped Product Design The New Tradition Collection: Stephen Hendee redesigns the Christmas candle
  23. Shaz_madani_bookshelf_int_list Bookshelf Riposte art director Shaz Madani shares the books she’s kept hold of
  24. Ellie_andrews_int_list Graphic Design Illustrator Ellie Andrews on selling merch and her first solo show
  25. Cristina_daura_int_list Illustration Illustrator Cristina Daura’s editorial work is fresh and considered
  26. Bombay_sapphire_cracker_closed_-_luke Product Design The New Tradition Collection: Studio Boo reimagines the Christmas cracker
  27. Diamond_dogs_its_nice_that_list Photography Diamond Dogs catalogues the 80s underground scene in Naples
  28. Stephen_maurice_graham_int_list Publication Stephen Maurice Graham releases a collection of his comics about a man-child named Michael
  29. List Photography A closer look at fashion photographer Brett Lloyd
  30. Lauramarlinglist Film Discussing cinema with Laura Marling on her directorial debut, Soothing
  31. List Photography A family affair: Hill & Aubrey shoot the Skeltons for 1Granary
  32. Lilylist Illustration Lily Snowden-Fine's lovingly layered illustrations
  33. Botw_wk_251116 Best of the Web The perfect respite from Black Friday madness, it's Best of the Web
  34. Steviedixlist Art The emotive and spontaneous artwork of Stevie Dix
  35. Gem-fletcher-ken-hermann-bo%cc%88kh-list Photography Gem Fletcher and Ken Hermann’s cinematic series captures the wrestlers of Inner Mongolia
  36. Egg13_cover_pegboard Publication Put A Egg On It: a very tasty zine focusing on the communal joys of eating
  37. Nadineredlich Illustration A "stress opus" from cartoonist Nadine Redlich
  38. Sabastiao_salgardo_kuwait_taschen_int_1 Publication Taschen’s monograph features Sebastião Salgado’s powerful photographs of the Kuwaiti oil fires
  39. Carl_randall_japan_portraits_int_list Art Carl Randall’s detailed paintings depict the frenetic and crowded nature of Japan
  40. Drawingfutureslist Graphic Design Drawing Futures: A thoughtfully designed compendium by A Practice For Everyday Life