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Advertising Enquiries

Will Hudson, Director
Telephone: 020 7739 5222
Email: wh@itsnicethat.com

It’s Nice That has always been and will always continue to be a free resource, but to help us maintain and develop our various sites we offer various packages for advertisers to connect their brands with our readership.

We offer banner advertising across our network of sites, with leader board and MPU units of the itsnicethat.com homepage and article pages, plus different opportunities across First Broadcast, This At There, Company of Parrots and the Jobsboard. Email Will Hudson (wh@itsnicethat.com) to get a copy of our media pack including audience statistics and full rate card.


We also offer paid-for posts for brands to ensure they are featured on the site or to get more in-depth coverage than would otherwise have been the case. We are committed to clearly marking all paid-for content, so these posts run with an Advertorial by-line and a line at the bottom making clear with whom the post was produced.

We keep our policy on advertorials constantly under review and so we are always keen to hear feedback from readers who have comments or concerns about this kind of content.

There are opportunities to sponsor our popular regular features, again please contact us to find out more.

Spec Work

From time to time It’s Nice That partners with brands and other organisations to publicise opportunities for creative competitions. We are very wary of people being asked to produce work for free but we try and balance this with the fact that some young creatives are keen to find out about these kind of opportunities (and they often prove very popular).

We look at how much creative work entrants are being asked to do and will not carry any contest where we feel that organisers are asking for too much. We also look carefully at what is being offered in terms of cash rewards and/or genuine exposure and publicity.

We are acutely aware these kind of campaigns can be controversial and are always keen to hear feedback about those we have run on the site so that we can constantly monitor how they are viewed by our readers.