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Advertising Enquiries

Caroline Wells, Project Manager
Telephone: 020 7739 5222
Email: cw@itsnicethat.com

The most traditional way to introduce a message to our readers is through banner advertising and sponsored content, details and rate cards can be found below. For other partnerships and opportunities visit our Work With Us page – www.itsnicethat.com/work-with-us

Banner Advertising

Display adverts are the best way to promote a product or service over a sustained period of time across various units throughout the site. Quoted CPM (per 1,000 impressions) these units will be delivered alongside other It’s Nice That and external brand adverts. All units can be targeted to appear either globally or locally (by country or region) and we accept the following formats – Flash, GIF, JPEG and HTML. The maximum file size is 100KB.

Banner Advertising Rate Card
Billboard: 970px x 250px £12 CPM
Half Page: 300px x 600px £12 CPM
Leaderboard: 728px x 90px £8 CPM
MPU: 300px x 250px £8 CPM

Weekly Newsletter – £500
Sole Newsletter Unit at the top of the page, sent on Fridays at 2pm GMT (595px x 150px)

Sponsored Content

All sponsored articles are composed in It’s Nice That’s distinctive tone and are in keeping with the rest of the site and our display advertising can be purchased as part of a wider package or for stand-alone campaigns. Email Caroline Wells for more details and rates – cw@itsnicethat.com