Review of the Year 2014

Here it is! The official top 50 most viewed articles of 2014

Liv Siddall •
  1. List_graphic-design

    There’s been so much superb graphic design this year, from posters to identity projects to cake shop branding. The things that have got you most excited have included work for huge clients like Airbnb, posters showing the innocent victims of gun violence and on a more light-hearted note, some very sweet work for a confectionary shop. All brilliant, smart projects that show the breadth and skill of 2014’s graphic design output.

  2. List_editors-picks-interviews

    One of the best things about being at It’s Nice That is the incredible multitude of brilliant, hilarious, weird and insanely talented people we get to talk to on a weekly basis, whether we’re dragging them around the corner from our studio for lunch in Euro Cafe, trying to squeeze as many questions as physically possible into a 20 minute Skype call or emailing back and forth for weeks at a time. The end of the year is a time for looking back, or so I’m told, so here’s my selection of the very best interviews from the site this year across photography, art direction, game design and illustration. feet up and off you

  3. List_will-h

    It’s Nice That founder and director Will Hudson’s appearances on the site are few and far between these days, but we managed to sit him down long enough to give us a flavour of how the past 12 months has been for him. He’s a man of big arms, few words and strong opinions and as our lodestar he guides us through whatever the art and design world throws at us. Here’s his reflections on 2014…

  4. List_illustration

    Illustration, more than any other discipline we cover on It’s Nice That, teaches us an awful lot about our audience when aggregated into a top ten list of articles. You’re a weird bunch, it has to be said; dirty-minded and deviant. How else do we explain the creepy comics of Joan Cornella, Laura Callaghan’s tales of Tinder cannibalism and Nimura Daisuke’s gratuitous GIFs? Granted there’s some stunning vintage advertising, an archive of emoji and some wonderfully diverse editorial illustration in there too, but for the most part it’s just smut and violence. Merry Christmas!

  5. List_editors-picks-misc

    The miscellaneous category is rarely added to, but when it is it’s usually with someone or something pretty spesh. I like to think of it a little bit like that drawer or cupboard in your house where you stash the really useful crap that is too good to throw away. In this list I’ve compiled a few of my favourites from 2014, from bread-simulation games to round-the-clock breakfast radio. If you’re still hungry for more miscellany, just head over here.

  6. Main

    10 hour days require some diverse, entertaining playlists. And with an office holding about 20 or so music fans beneath its roof, you can imagine there is quite a lot of different tastes floating around. In this mixtape we have tried to sum up the general nature of the music we listen to at It’s Nice That, meanwhile keeping it cool enough that you could probably put it on at a party and get away with it (apart from R.Kelly’s World’s Greatest – you may want to skip that in trendy company).

  7. List_maisie-s

    This year I travelled a bit, read a lot and learned to cook a roast dinner. Here are some other good things I picked up along the way.

  8. List_editors-picks-record-sleeves

    Unlike most music-based list features this selection of the best records of 2014 has nothing at all to do with the tunes. It’s simply a list of some of my favourite sleeves to appear on the site, based purely on their aesthetics. In some cases the music etched into the vinyl is straight-up terrible, but cast your acoustic prejudices to one side for the time being and get ready to appreciate some seriously slick sleeve design.

  9. List_moving-image

    Encompassing animation, music videos, short films and adverts, moving image is not only one of the most eclectic end-of-year round-ups, it’s also the only category that doesn’t (for obvious reasons) get celebrated in the It’s Nice That Annual. But that’s slightly unfair as some of the biggest hitters on the site this year fall in this field, and it’s a fantastically wide-ranging top ten, ranging from CGI trickery and super-weird comedy to a thought-provoking short about gender roles.

  10. List_james-c

    This year feels like it was over before it even began – which is a total cliché but it’s God’s honest truth. It feels like just yesterday I was launched blinking and hungover into the first days of 2014 and now I couldn’t really tell you what I got up to. Anyway, it was a whirlwind, a rollercoaster ride full of emotional ups and downs, physical highs and lows, triumphs of spirit and ingestions of spirits. Yeah 2014, you were alright, I liked you, though at times you were a bit of a t**t.

  11. List_editors-picks-books

    It’s not exactly easy to pick out the best books from 2014. For a start, books are no singular thing – they’re a receptacle, whether for words, photographs, images, art projects or anything else you care to put to paper. As such, we’ve got something of a mixture here, ranging from indispensable advice for creatives to a peek at a Dalí-curated dinner party to a sublime compendium of the best bits of BUTT magazine. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, more a teeny shelf from the great library of 2014’s best and brightest publications.

  12. List_liv-s

    Hello. My name’s Liv, and this year my best three moments have been hosting the Modern Magazine Conference, interviewing my sister for Riposte magazine, and flashing Robert Plant at the Camden Roundhouse. Merry Christmas!

  13. Main

    Do you reckon Ai Wei Wei might like a bouncy castle for Christmas? We do. There’s a whopping total of SIX people in this podcast including It’s Nice That Directors Alex Bec and Will Hudson, and boy is it hectic. In it we discuss the creative world in 2014, the year gone by and the one approaching us, and tales of Rob going to church when he was little. Sound good? It’s better. Merry Christmas from the whole It’s Nice That team, and we will see you on the other side for more Studio Audience!

  14. List_rob-a

    Because we start putting together the It’s Nice That Annual during the summer, it feels like we’ve been rounding up the year for weeks now in one way or another. I once read that when the restaurant critic A A Gill writes a review he takes no notes at all, and instead lets his mind sift out what it feels is particularly noteworthy and memorable. I’ve taken a similar tack here, which hopefully gives my answers a sense of authenticity if nothing else…

  15. List_photography

    Photography is basically unique in its capacity to preserve moments of time for evermore, so recapping the top ten photography projects of the year feels akin to stepping into a Labyrinth-esque alternative realm where you can look over the whole of 2014 in one neat glass ball clutched in David Bowie’s capable hands. This year we’ve got a woman who photographs herself every year in a pair of Y-fronts, two grown men re-enacting childhood photographs and some inimitable music photography from the 1990s, so step back, picture Bowie and let through our highlights.

  16. List_emily-g

    “It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times,” as that monkey in The Simpsons unforgettably put it. I joined It’s Nice That almost two months ago now, and it’s been a great way to see in the last few months of 2014. While it feels a bit odd being on the other side of interview questions, it’s been nice to talk about what’s been a really lovely year in many ways; helped along by some equally lovely creative output, which I’ve rambled on breathlessly about below.

  17. List_editors-picks-magazines

    Pretty much my favourite Tweet of the year came from OFFSCREEN founder Kai Brach who summed up what it’s like to work in publishing in just three words: “Magazines are hard.” That being so, it’s been another terrific year in which all manner of brilliant publications have dropped through our door. The big-hitters have continued to shine – in particular The Gentlewoman, The Paris Review, New York Magazine and The FT Weekend Magazine – while newcomers like Dirty Furniture, Violet Magazine and NOON have made brilliant bows. Elsewhere Riposte and Intern have both developed in exciting ways, building on the potential of their first issues and KENZINE continues to blaze a trail when it comes to branded offerings.