Serious feel-good visuals in Federico Vitetta's new promo for The 2 Bears

Posted by James Cartwright,

There’s a very immediate pleasure to watching Federico Vitetta’s new video for The 2 Bears’ Warm and Easy. You’ll find it difficult to avoid grinning from the offset. It’s basically just a big gang of skateboarders mucking about and miming along to the song (the lip-synching is at times abysmal) in various locations across Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. But whatever, who cares, if it doesn’t brighten up your day then I’ll eat my baggy jeans and Supreme hat.

  • 2bears-lead

    Federico Vitetta: Warm & Easy

  • 2bears-1

    Federico Vitetta: Warm & Easy

  • 2bears-2

    Federico Vitetta: Warm & Easy


Posted by James Cartwright

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