One Month Off by Bloc Party is a belting way to introduce Dublin's brilliant D.A.D.D.Y

Posted by Alex Bec,

On Friday we were lucky enough to be visited by the fantastic D.A.D.D.Y (Design, Animaton, Design, Design, Yay) all the way from Dublin, and were spellbound. Every piece of their work whether a hard-hitting Red Cross campaign, one of their stunning self-written short films, or in this case a music video – is soaked in good humour and ingenious technique.

This one for Bloc party back in 2009, cleverly splices together film stock from 1940s animator Ray Harryhausen and adds a layer of brand new animations to subvert the original fairy-tale plot. As I said, ingenious technique and beautiful execution – to make even the most confident director a wee bit jelaous.

  • Dy1

    D.A.D.D.Y.: Bloc Party – One Month Off (still)

  • Dy2

    D.A.D.D.Y.: Bloc Party – One Month Off (still)

  • Dy3

    D.A.D.D.Y.: Bloc Party – One Month Off (still)

  • Dy4

    D.A.D.D.Y.: Bloc Party – One Month Off (still)


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.