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Graphic Design


Posted by Alex Bec,

Slightly later than planned this week’s Things come in the form of five books, and some toy soliders. Have a good weekend.

Red Book

David Shrigley, Published by Redstone Press
David Shrigley can;t ever have too many books in my opinion. Red Book is his latest, and is as you might expect – eccentric, random and incredibly funny. Shrigley is seen all over the place, and if I was to really think about it I should be getting bored of his work by now, but instead I find myself buying another one of his delightful books.


Petra Schmidt and Niccola Stattmann, Published by Birkhäuser
There are no doubt too many book on what I’d call ‘physical illustration’. We’ve been inundated with some good, and some not so good efforts over the past few years, and Unfolded most definitely fits into the former. Clearly layed out, and research well enough to provide a really nice breadth of work, of which I was almost entirely unfamiliar, which can only be a good thing.


Editor in Chief Lorraine Candy, Cover Illustration by Rob Ryan
Ele is a magazine I only pick up every so often, so I was pleased that they gave me a real ecuse to this month, courtesy of a rather splendid cover illustration by Rob Ryan. As part of a series of covers specially comissioned to celebrate 25 years of London Fashion Week Rob is accompanied by names such as Paul Smith, Jasper Conran, Henry Holland and more. Some really great covers are included, but I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking I got the pick of the bunch.

ABC Des Verbes

_Guillaumit, Published by Editions Thierry Magnier
Funny little illustrations of verbs in French by illustrator Guillaumit. Suitably bound in a hard shiny cover and some spreads that genuinely tickled me, none more so than ‘Xylophoner’ depicting a novel way of playing a classic instrument.

London Design Guide

Edited by Max Frase, Published by Spotlight Press
Design guides can be very hit and miss, especially if not thoroughly compiled. This one makes no such mistakes and is handily divided up into the different areas of our fair capital, crisply ordered and easily browsable. Coffee table fodder.

Miniscule Blue Helmets on a Massive Quest

Pierre Derks
One of the oddities of the week was a set of plastic toy soliders all the way from The Hague in The Netherlands. Making a point about the UN, Pierre is sending them all around the globe and we’re flattered to have been selected as one of their destinations. There’s some other really nice nuggets in his portfolio too…


Posted by Alex Bec

Alex is one of the directors of It’s Nice That who now oversees our sister creative agency INT Works. For several years he oversaw the Monday Morning Music Video feature until it came to an end in 2014.

Most Recent: Graphic Design View Archive

  1. Marco_papiro_pb_1

    Adoring pretty much anything Panda Bear-related (his amazing interactive website, his brilliant music, his very lovely hair), we felt it was high time we shed some light on the man behind his wonderful record sleeve designs, Marco Papiro.

  2. Julia-pj_harvey_graphics_1

    When we popped to Somerset House last week to ogle PJ Harvey recording in a box we spotted some powerful exhibition graphics, designed by London-based studio Julia. The designs are shown online on PJ Harvey’s website, but really come to life at Somerset House, where they sit illuminated on the wall of the holding pen-like space visitors stand in before being led to the basement area that houses the recording studio box.

  3. Ged-palmer-int-list

    I came across Ged Palmer’s work for the first time a couple of years ago over a boozy pub lunch with my dad, and since then I’ve followed his progress in hand lettering and sign-writing with interest. His skill in this traditional medium has gone from strength to strength, with new techniques and processes added to his arsenal on a regular basis, and what started out as a simple flair for type has progressed into a fully-formed talent for fashioning works of graphic brilliance.

  4. Pentagramlogobook1

    If Pentagram’s Micheal Bierut reckons a book can “make better designers of all of us,” its likely to be a pretty useful tome. The designer was heaping praise on Logo: The Reference Guide to Symbols and Logotypes by Michael Evamy, which is just about to launch its new mini edition with publisher Laurence King.

  5. Fonshickmann-list-int

    A couple of weeks back we had Fons Hickmann, founder of the eponymous design studio Fons Hickmann m23 in Berlin, talk us through his favourite publications, so that we could get a bit of an insight into his taste, influences and inspirations. In the process, we found out that the studio has recently begin working on Germany’s Greenpeace Media. “For Greenpeace Media we design magazines, posters and even packing tape,” the studio’s website explains. “Working with political and social topics has always been important and close to the heart of m23.”

  6. Arndtbenedikt-posters-list-int

    Scrolling through Frankfurt-based design agency Arndt Benedikt’s website, I get the impression that somebody in the studio is sneaking off every half an hour to immortalise some of the fantastic design work they’re creating in poster form. Or maybe managing partners Felix Gross and Falko Ohlmer are just really into posters – in which case, hurrah! Alongside remarkably advanced work like this campaign for Greenpeace, and some mature corporate design work they make these: bright, dynamic and joyous posters, for everything from a spell teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz to an open air party in Hamburg. They’re informative and really nice to look at, which is all we need from our large-scale printed matter.

  7. Bedow-record_mania-int-list

    Swedish design studio Bedow isn’t new to branding musical enterprises. Back in 2013 it produced a clean, minimal identity for Canadian record label More Than Human. That work was nice, but its latest offering for Stockholm’s internationally renowned store Record Mania might be even better.

  8. Isabellucena-tarot-int-list

    When it comes to Tarot cards we’ve pretty much seen it all. Since the arrival of the Rider Waite deck in the early 20th Century nobody in the western world has really changed the game and made The Fool, The Ace of Wands or The Hierophant look all that different from Pamela Colman Smith’s incredible drawings. But recently designer Isabel Lucena has had a crack at it, and the results are surprisingly refreshing.

  9. Thamnesandhudson-cover-list-int

    For a young boy who grew up in the suburban Midlands, the west coast of the USA is really the America of my imagination, far more so than the refined cities of the Eastern seaboard, the vast expanses of the rural states or any of the other myriad landscapes to be found between sea and shining sea.

  10. Jorgeleon-amigo-int-list

    It’s always refreshing to see a creative being really honest about the challenges of a particular brief before showing us their solution. So it is with Barcelona-based graphic designer and art director Jorge León, who sets up his work for the Amigos skate shop by referring to the “many problems” it had encountered with its brand.

  11. Unnamed

    International design agency IS Creative Studio has done some elegant branding work for both rotisserie AND grilled chicken restaurants. And both identities look refreshingly tasteful. The studio’s work spans print, product and retail design, and its practice is based on extensive research and a desire to always go beyond the product at hand. Or indeed the chicken. Founded in 2010 by Richard Meza, the agency produces great work that shifts aesthetics seamlessly. From visuals that wouldn’t be out of place on a summer’s day in Capri in 1965, to fast food stereotypes and what is described as “type [broken up] to simulate chunks of fruit swimming happily in cream,” it’s a bunch of consistently impressive design work.

  12. Screen-shot-2015-01-26-at-10.12.37

    It’s little surprise that Mike Lemanski’s graphic design work has been something of an It’s Nice That favourite, and since we last posted about him in 2013 he’s not let his style slip. Mike’s site boasts some beautiful, mature designs for Feuilleton magazine, which takes articles from various international publications such as The New York Times, translates them into French and publishes issues every quarter.

  13. Hardyseiler-hannover-list-int

    When Hanover-based designers Bureau Hardy Seiler and web design agency Created by Monkeys decided to pitch to design the identity for the Freies Theater Hannover, they found themselves faced with a dilemma. The theatre hosts every flavour of live performance going, from puppetry and musical shows to experimental dance, and all in one flexible and family-friendly space. How could they create a graphic language to match that?