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Designs of the Year: Furniture

Posted by Florencia,

Several of the nominees this year were concerned with making the workspace more friendly and comfortable ranging from the PARCS workplace stations designed by ParsonLloyd for Bene to the Seto Office Chair by Studio 7.5 (great for your spine) and Konstantin Grcic’s 360 Work Chair (if you constantly change positions when your work).

The creative use of materials was also recognised in pieces like the Carbon Fibre Chair, a super light piece by Shigeru Ban Architects, the Palindrome Series by Peter Marigold, which plays with wooden moulds to create a dual appearance, and the Extrusions chair by Thomas Heatherwick made out of a single piece of aluminium. Some entries used recycled materials, like the Repair Project by Linda Brothwell and the Pallet Furniture by Nina Tolstrup.

A special mention should go to the Grassworks project by Jair Straschnow which used only bamboo sheet laminates to create a whole range of eco-friendly multi-purpose furniture.

Other nominees included the Houdini Armrest Chair by Stefan Diez, the Breathe sofa by Helen Kontouris and the Polytopia seating system by Lucas Chirnside.

Posted by Florencia