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Nike Fluff SB

Posted by Will Hudson,

A little over a month ago we received one of the weightiest books we’ve ever seen. The hefty tome is just reward for the 18 months work that went into creating it to celebrate Nike Skateboarding. Teaming up with Fluff Magazine the beast of a book clocks in at just over 600 pages and features almost every Nike SB rider in Europe.

Dutch magazine Fluff were given complete creative control and decided to send photographer Marcel Veldman to no less than 19 European countries to document the riders both on and off their boards. The result is a stunning consistency that allows page after page flow effortlessly into each other. If you can search out a copy, and if your bookcase is big enough then we certainly recommend checking it out.


Posted by Will Hudson

Will founded It’s Nice That in 2007 and is now director of the company. Once one of the main contributors to the site he has stepped back from writing as the business has expanded. He is a regular guest on the Studio Audience podcast.