Animation: 2X4 go all out to confuse your poor eyes in this terrific new animation

Posted by James Cartwright,

When I was a kid there was a huge encyclopaedia in the school library that had a great selection of different eye tests in it, designed to screen for colourblindness, highlight blind spots and just generally demonstrate the quirks of the human visual system. That book was INcredible and I used to kill a lot of lunch breaks staring at the pictures inside of it.

Fast forward eighteen years and what’s this? International design agency 2 × 4 have created an animation that brings together a whole variety of these same tests into two and a half minutes of mind-bending, vision-distorting brilliance that allows me to relive my childhood lunch breaks and you to… well to muck about with your eyes.

The short was created as a pitch for AIGA’s Midnight Moment, a project that aims to synchronise Times Square’s billboards and newspaper kiosks with the same visual content. I’d give my right eye to see this plastered across the facade of a building. But then I probably wouldn’t enjoy it so much.

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    2X4: Eye Test (still)

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    2X4: Eye Test (still)

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    2X4: Eye Test (still)

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    2X4: Eye Test (still)

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    2X4: Eye Test (still)


Posted by James Cartwright

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