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Graphic Design


Posted by Bryony Quinn,

At the beginning of terwenty-ten, Things was a different beast. Like a manageable if not demanding infant it has grown (and grown and grown) and could now analogously resemble an ankle-biter on uppers as the quality of work is undeniably distracting. If you don’t know/forgot this weekly feature is just five picks of (many many) things that happened across the studio threshold and this is the last of 2010. A nonsenseical mish-malgamation of content goes like this – Unpublished British Folk send Postcards to ’Sup magazine and Adrian Forrow (on the 7th Floor)…

Unpublished Magazine Andrea Mineo, Editor

Every image feels like a front cover. Perhaps that is why there is a colophon on every page… well they all very cover worthy for sure. Personal highlight of this large format, excellently printed magazine of the best unseen photography is a small dog hung on a wall with a real fire burning in it’s tiny eyes (photographer Levi Mandel).

Print Promo Adrian Forrow

Just ‘cause it’s greyscale does not make the imagery in this broadsheet of a promo any less colourful. Iventory style spreads show this guy to be a collector of texture, tone and shape and his consequential piecings together begin to read like a journal of “what Adrian saw” plus “what he remembered” plus/minus “could this actually happen?” (see dog with objects balanced on it’s head).

Various zines ’Sup Magazine and Diesel Music

The ever good An Art Service have utilised some sparing but ultimately cool design for a series of 10 zines celebrating the musical artists that ’Sup and Diesel have come to know and love. A real fans fanzine.

British Folk: Part One James Pearson-Howes

Brilliant series of photos of folk from this here strange land of Eng. Thank goodness for giant burning barrels of tar being carried by flammable Devonians, and noble Morris Men without who our culture would be nothing. But most of all, thanks James for putting his exceptional talents to good, patriotic use then binding it so nicely.

Postcards from the 7th floor Iain Sinclair and Oona Grimes. Designed by Aneel Kalsi

Read this book one way and it’s experimental poetry versed around a queer concrete building that overlooks St Leonards-on-Sea. Read it the other and it’s an artist book of drawings by Oona Grimes under the (inexplicable) statement “Tex Avery chases Hitchcock through the corridors of the Overlook Hotel. Terence Fisher directs.” All design is to Aneel Kalsi’s credit, very nice “type-set as image” and suitable space to sit it all in.


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

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  1. List

    Whether you’re a gherkin lover or a fastidious type who sits carefully peeling the little green things from between burger buns, there’s no denying just how awesome the identity for this Madrid pickle stall is. Barcelona-based graphic design studio Bendita Gloria is behind the look for the stall, named Bombas, Lagartos y Cohetes, which joyfully translates as Bombs, Lizards and Rockets. Owned by Kike Martínez, it specialises in “banderillas” – little morsels of different deli foods skewered together.

  2. Pentagram-list

    Pitting black and white photography against block colour, Pentagram’s new identity work for Queens Theatre in New York is slick, bright and strong; with as much vibrancy and grace as the performers that tread the venue’s boards. Designed by Paula Scher, the identity is based around a logo created from simple, geometric shapes alluding to the theatre’s architecture; which can be pulled apart and rearranged across various different applications to demonstrate the theatre’s broad and diverse programming, and appeal to an equally diverse audience.

  3. Listtt

    Year six is a tricky time to remember. Clearly we were too busy counting pogs, furtively worrying about training bras and forging detailed plans of how to marry Damon Albarn to forge many other remembrances. What it’s likely we’ve forgotten, then, is the terror of leaving for senior school and all that entailed – going from being a big fish (relatively) to a tiny one who suddenly felt a bit embarrassed about still wearing her hair in two plaits.

  4. List

    Featured back in January, Barcelona-based studio Querida has had a busy few months churning out more of its stylishly colourful and well-considered design work. One of its latest projects is this catalogue for Spanish opticians, Optiques Prats which takes the form of an incredibly stylish magazine catering for the optically challenged.

  5. List

    It’s wonderful when graphic design perfectly unites two seemingly disparate concepts – and Commission Studio’s branding for a Lewes-based homeware brand is a quietly brilliant example. The project saw the London studio (which designed our 2013 Annual) create the look and feel for a range of delicate, subtle pieces like candles and soaps with a name that deliberately sounds anything but delicate and subtle – Freight.

  6. Listtttt

    There’s a whole heap of great design studios in Barcelona with which we’re very familiar but it’s always a joy to discover talent we haven’t come across before. Such is the case with P.A.R, a graphic design and art direction studio run by Iris Tarraga and Lucía Castro. The way they talk about their approach eschews any kind of bullshit, as they write on their website: “Our methodology is simple: We listen to our clients, we understand their needs and we solve them. Our style is clear and direct, we take care of the balance and harmony in our designs, we use typography and colour accurately, we believe in functional design.”

  7. List

    We were lucky enough to meet some of the team from Singapore studio Foreign Policy when they popped into It’s Nice That HQ during a recent research trip to London. The same friendly, curious and open-minded approach that led them to drop us a line has also seen them develop The Swap Show, “an exhibition exchange between design studios and creative agencies from cities around the world designed to showcase and celebrate creative work internationally.”

  8. List

    It’s tricky to implement the intricate tricks of an optical illusion in a book cover design without the finished product appearing slightly heavy-handed, but designer Hansje van Halem does it with poise and perfectionism. She’s worked as a freelance graphic designer since graduating from Amsterdam’s Gerrit Rietvield Academie in 2003 (as her About section explains) and her enjoyment of what others might find to be repetitive shines through in the illusory patterns in her portfolio.

  9. List

    As serious art and design journalists, we’re not distracted by mere baubles. But when said bauble takes the form of an online game (think Space Invaders meets graphic design portfolio) then who are we to resist. It’s one of many trinkets to be found on karlssonwilker’s terrific new website, which shows off their work in the best possible light and confirms their status as one of the most accomplished design studios working today.

  10. List-0102-0103-0105-triptych-%c2%a9-david-shaw

    When the Design Museum planned its Women Fashion Power show, which opened last month, it was very much keen to take the “women” component seriously, appointing them to take care of both the exhibition design and graphics for the show. As such, it drafted perhaps one of the most famous women in design’s practices, Zaha Hadid Architects for the exhibition design; with Lucienne Roberts and her team (Dave Shaw and John McGill) at LucienneRoberts+ creating the graphics.

  11. List

    Based in Manheim, Germany, Deutsche & Japaner have a really great sense of what looks good. They have been on the site a couple of times for their stylish graphic design but this work for the Aesthetics Habitat project shows off a bit more of their own personality. The site is described as “a venture all about meeting objects with a personal interpretation, transforming its function and creating narratives” and in essence its curators invite creatives to respond to and reflect on their relationship with a favourite thing of beauty.

  12. List-flyers-for-the-institute-at-sexology.-photography-by-russell-dornan_-design-by-liam-relph-(3)

    London’s Wellcome Collection space always hosts explorations of the things that fascinate us most. It’s covered death, it’s exhaustively explored the human body in all its glory and grotesquery, and now it’s moved on to surely the most fascinating of all – sex, or more precisely, how people have studied it.

  13. List

    Brimming with sophistication and an understanding of what makes great design, Atelier Tout va bien’s portfolio is a glorious way to scroll away the day. The studio is made up of French design duo Anna Chevance and Mathias Reynoird, and it’s the pair’s editorial, poster and book design that really stands out.