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    A is a name: Gérard Garouste

Graphic Design: French studio A is a name are bastions of excellent simplicity

Posted by Emily Beber,

A = everything. This is the simple equation and motto set out by Parisien graphic designers A is a name. As the only capital in their name the ‘A’ stands for typographic form. It represents their attention given to typography, believing that everything in graphic design comes back to this. A is an icon.

And their work stays true to this; paying unrelenting attention to composition, words sit boldly upon the page, complementing the strength of the images they are often coupled with. Their 2011 spread for Dazed & Confused reflects this perfectly. Alongside Christopher Simmonds, who worked on the type composition for the spread using a font drawn by the studio, the strong angular eyebrows match with powerful lettering, and a magnificently striped couture dress is mirrored by aligned words.

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Posted by Emily Beber

Emily worked with us as an editorial intern during her summer break from the Royal College of Art and wrote for the site between August and September 2013.