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    A Week On Monday: Jack Hudson

A Week On Monday: The week ahead with excellent illustrator Jack Hudson

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Dear Monday. You’re a drag and you know it. Luckily though we won’t take it lying down any more – A Week On Monday is our way of putting two proverbial fingers up to nobody’s favourite day. This week it’s the turn of illustrator Jack Hudson, one of our Graduates class of 2010, who when he’s not smashing great work out the park is apparently perfecting the music/food combo that banshies any early week blues. Over to Jack…

What’s the best way of getting over Monday morning blues?

Bacon sandwich + AC/DC = No Monday morning blues

What song will you be listening to most this week?

The song Monotone Face by Leeds based band Cowtown, it makes me smile every time.

What was the best thing you read this morning?

An interview with Quentin Blake in Crack Magazine.

Send us a picture of something you’ll use a lot this week

This mouse mat; yes I like to treat my mouse like a king.

  • Mouse-mat

    Jack’s regal mouse mat

If you could have a midweek night out with anyone, doing anything what would it be?

I’d go dancing with Bill Murray at the zoo.

What do you hope to have achieved come Friday?

A book cover, an editorial illustration and hopefully a day off.


Posted by Rob Alderson

Editor-in-Chief Rob oversees editorial across all three It’s Nice That platforms; online, print and events. He has a background in newspaper journalism and a particular interest in art, advertising and photography. He is the main host of the Studio Audience podcast.