Aberrant Architecture bring a tiny 17th Century theatre back to life

Posted by Rob Alderson,

It was the project we picked out from Clerkenwell Design Week right back at the initial press briefing and now we can show you Aberrant Architecture’s Small Coal-Man’s Tiny Travelling Theatre in all its glory.

Inspired by the unlikely story of Thomas Britton’s 17th Century theatre space which entertained small London crowds with acts ranging from first-time enthusiasts to Handel (yes that one), Aberrant reimagined Britton’s space for the 21st Century. A boat handle opens the stage door and a coal scuttle roof filters light into the auditorium which could seat only a couple of audience members, but the eye-catching red colour gave it a modern twist. Passers-by could get a flavour of proceedings through a large sound funnel and the exterior walls doubled up as a refreshment space.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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