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    Lucia Morate: Cactus en flor

Lucia Morate's mysterious portfolio features in our latest ABSOLUT Network profile

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Photographer Lucia Morate boasts a portfolio packed with artfully-shot enigma. The Madrid-based creative enjoys taking familiar set-ups and then twisting them to confound our expectations in a pleasantly disorientating way. So in Cactus in Bloom he takes the trust exercise of a person falling into someone else’s arms – a real office training favourite – and recreates it in all manner of striking locations. Similarly a series of small plastic animal figurines shot in shadowy profile raises any number of questions, to which the project title – Plastcized – teasingly hints at some answers.

Elsewhere Things Are Not As They Were sees a nude female interacting with the strange shell of what may be have once been a grandiose building throwing up an inetresting juxtapositon between her youth and vitality and the decrepit, crumbling structure.
Lucia is one of the editors of the 10 × 5 fanzine and so clearly has a wider outlook on the creative world than is sometimes the case – once can only assume that his understanding of the milieu in which he operates helps him toy with the rules in such interesting ways.

For the next few weeks we’re showcasing some of the dazzling creatives which form part of the ABSOLUT Network, which brings together some of the finest cutting-edge creatives in Spain.

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    Lucia Morate: Cactus en flor

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    Lucia Morate: Cactus en flor

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    Lucia Morate: Cactus en flor

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    Lucia Morate: Untitled

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    Lucia Morate: Las cosas no son como fueron

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    Lucia Morate: Las cosas no son como fueron

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    Lucia Morate: Las cosas no son como fueron


Posted by Rob Alderson

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