• 32_leccion_de_anatomia

    Rubenimichi: Leccion de Anatomia

Weird and wonderful work form Rubenimichi in our new ABSOLUT Network profile

Posted by Rob Alderson,

One of the greatest cultural misunderstandings of the modern age is that being weird, or surreal is easy. The problem is that when you see an artist or a comedian doing it really well it seems effortless but my goodness when you see it done badly it’s excruciating. Imagine then if rather than just your trying to communicate your own sense of the absurd there were minds to distill into the final product? That’s the set up for Spanish art collective Rubenimichi whose weird and wonderful work manages to get it spot-on.

Their practice encompasses painting, photography and ceramics but it’s the former which particularly caught our eye with some truly bizarre creations featuring fruit, animals, nudity, birds and bleeding. But spend some time on their site and you realise there’s a certain method behind their madness, a skewed set of rules which seem to underpin their otherworlds. There’s some cool monochrome stuff as well, including one that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “apple of my eye.”

For the next few weeks we’re showcasing some of the dazzling creatives which form part of the ABSOLUT Network, which brings together some of the finest cutting-edge creatives in Spain.

  • 12_lady_halcon

    Rubenimichi: Lady HalconNat

  • 11_naturaleza_muerta

    Rubenimichi: Naturelza Muerta

  • 10_lujuria

    Rubenimichi: Lujuria

  • 12_furtivo

    Rubenimichi: Furtivo

  • 32_la_cena

    Rubenimichi: La Cena


Posted by Rob Alderson

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