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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue

An oldie but a goodie. Acne studios' magnificent Snowdon Blue

Posted by James Cartwright,

Famed for his exceptional fashion and portraiture shoots, legendary British photographer Snowdon has been at the forefront of the European artistic (not to mention aristocratic) elite since the 1950s. His reputation as a prodigious photographic talent was compounded by his unusual quirk of requesting that many of his subjects pose in clothing of his own choosing; namely blue shirts in a variety of different styles.

To celebrate this endearing trait, Acne produced a stunning cloth-bound monograph of his blue portraits alongside a newly-designed collection of blue shirts based on those worn by Snowdon’s subjects. As a project it’s about as satisfying as they come, with Snowdon’s photographs, Acne’s shirts and the book itself exemplifying the best of their representative disciplines.

We’re a good six months late to the table with this one but when a project comes along as delicious as Snowdon Blue, even shameful lateness can’t stop us giving a nod to its immaculate execution.

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue (Serge Gainsbourg)

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue (Agatha Christie)

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue (Ian Mckellen)

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue (Ian Mckellen)

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue (Snowdon’s Studio)

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue

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    Acne Studios: Snowdon Blue


Posted by James Cartwright

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