Film: Nine minute supercut of action movie one-liners? Don't mind if we do

Posted by Rob Alderson,

All things considered, I’m not a menacing guy. I once stared quite sternly after a guy who barged into me on his way off a train but that’s about as tough as I get. Of course in the world of action movies; not only do our heroes get to kick the bad guys’ asses, he or she also gets a killer line with to accompany said ass-kicking. The fine folk over at Mewlists have put together this super-cut of the best action movie one liners, from calls-to-arms to corny wisecracks and pretty much everything else in between. All the usual suspects are here (as opposed to all The Usual Suspects) and if this isn’t perfect back-to-work-fodder then I don’t know what is.

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    Mewlists: Action Movie Supercut (still)

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    Mewlists: Action Movie Supercut (still)

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    Mewlists: Action Movie Supercut (still)

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    Mewlists: Action Movie Supercut (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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