• Adam-hayes-detail

    Adam Hayes: Grid-based artworks (detail)

Illustrator Mr A Hayes has a portfolio that belies that serious title

Posted by Anya Lawrence,

Forgive me if I am wrong, but when it comes to creatives I know few people who tend to refer to themselves by honorific (surely all that Mr and Mrs stuff is reserved for the high-rise offices crammed full of bankers right!?), so when talented illustrator “Mr A. Hayes” caught our eye, we couldn’t help but smile and find ourselves a bit endeared by his officialness.

But spend a few minutes ogling his spectacular portfolio and any assumptions that such properness would lead to a somewhat serious array of artworks are immediately cast aside for Adam Hayes’ portfolio is practically brimming with playfulness and fun.

With his illustrations coming soaked in colour and boasting seriously impressive typography, it is no wonder that he has received the sort of attention he has. Producing works for industry giants including Nike, Absolut, and even Chester Zoo it seems it isn’t just us impressed with his talent.

Adam’s work spreads from illustrative maps to posters and advertisements, and having just recently updated his portfolio with a series of grid-based artwork; it would seem that Mr A. Hayes is most certainly one to keep a watchful eye upon!

  • Adam-hayes

    Adam Hayes: Grid-based artworks

  • Adam-hayes-4

    Adam Hayes: C’est Si Bon

  • Adam-hayes-8

    Adam Hayes: Plates of Food

  • Adam-haye-7

    Adam Hayes: Nike VCXC Map

  • Adam-hayes-5

    Adam Hayes: CACM

  • Adam-hayes-11

    Adam Hayes: Grid-based artworks


Posted by Anya Lawrence

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