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    Aiste Bileviciute: Holiday Season

Introducing Aiste Bileviciute a Lithuanian illustrator with bags of talent

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I’m going to level with you, everything I know about Lithuania you could fit on the back of a beer mat (A small beer mat. With “Capital=Vlinius” written on it). But turns out ignorance is not bliss, and that there;s some interesting creative talents the Baltic republic (thanks Wikipedia) is keeping to itself.

Trained in graphic design and illustration, Aiste Bileviciute has an eclectic portfolio which experiments with colour, form and texture. Personally I am most enamoured with the quieter, stripped back work but there’s no doubting her skills and her refreshing willingness to experiment.

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    Aiste Bileviciute: Holiday Season
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    Aiste Bileviciute: Holiday Season
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    Aiste Bileviciute: The Shining World of Fantasy
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    Aiste Bileviciute: Untitled
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    Aiste Bileviciute: La Boheme

Posted by Rob Alderson

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