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    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Eye Rays

Mind blown! Congratulations Akiyoshi Kitaoka and experimental psychology

Posted by James Cartwright,

Technically this isn’t art or design, it’s science, pure and simple; psychology to be precise. But we’re prepared to bend the rules a little here, because the one thing you can’t deny is that these mind-blowing visual illusions are insanely creative. Produced by Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a psychology professor at the Ritsumaikan University in Kyoto, Japan, who specialises in visual perception, these experimental images are intended to reveal quirks in the mechanical and cognitive systems that contribute to our personal perceptions of the world. It’s mind-bending stuff, so take care, if you’re susceptible to dizziness then the following pictures might not be your thing.

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    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Beating heart

  • Akiyoshi-2

    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Weaving

  • Akiyoshi-3

    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Snakes of two heads

  • Akiyoshi-4

    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Ninja escape (Fixate at the center and approach the image quickly)

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    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Light of mint chocolate

  • Akiyoshi-6

    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Ascending and descending color escalaters

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    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Chidori

  • Akiyoshi-8

    Akiyoshi’s Illusion Pages: Ben & Aki’s Christmas rings 2011


Posted by James Cartwright

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