• Amt1

    AMTK: The Seance

  • Amt4

    AMTK: Gathering on Rock

  • Amt2

    AMTK: Crowd Waiting

  • Amt5

    AMTK: Two Men, a Snake and a Rope

  • Amt3

    AMTK: Grown Man Poncho

  • Amt6

    AMTK: Museum

  • Amt7

    AMTK: Nothing Changed in Ten Years


Posted by Rob Alderson,

Painters can be solitary souls but what happens when they team up to collaborate on the same canvas? In the case of Andrew Mazorol and Tynan Kerr, aka AMTK, the results are extraordinary – dreamlike pictures with twisted colour schemes and odd totemic symbols. The pair revel in the way their individual styles collide to create something completely new: “Processes of negotiation, cooperation and sabotage lead to paintings which are nudged in certain directions but ultimately take a form of their own. These are things that neither of us would make alone, which seem to arrive through accidental intersections of our intentions.”


Posted by Rob Alderson

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