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    Amy Woodside: It’s Not A Cult (detail)

Amy Woodside creates beautiful prints in the tradition of the Pop Art greats

Posted by James Cartwright,

New York dwelling New Zealander Amy Woodside is part visual artist, part romantic wordsmith. Her website is loaded with beautiful silkscreens of abstract letterforms and repeated words that recall the mixed media and pop art canvases of Ed Ruscha and Jasper Johns. Sandwiched between these striking, colourful creations are powerfully nostalgic poems that deal with Amy’s childhood, romances and existence in New York.

We’re not experts in poetry (I’ve unsuccessfully dabbled from time to time but prefer a novel) although we do know good visuals when we see them, and Amy’s prints are seriously good. It’s not simply the aesthetics we’re drawn to either, her understanding of language comes to bear on each of her pieces, either through visual wordplay or the use of letterforms as icons to communicate her message.

  • Hey

    Amy Woodside: Hey

  • Hurricaneseason

    Amy Woodside: Hurricane Season

  • Iamanamerican

    Amy Woodside: I Am An American

  • Itsnotacult

    Amy Woodside: It’s Not A Cult

  • Never

    Amy Woodside: Never

  • Not

    Amy Woodside: Not

  • Vain

    Amy Woodside: Vain

  • Yikes

    Amy Woodside: Yikes


Posted by James Cartwright

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