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    Andrea D’Aquino: Spider Magazine

Utterly charmed by the eclectic colourful stylings of Andrea D'Aquino

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Andrea D’Aquino describes herself as “an actual person with complexity and contradictions” who “reserves the right to be unpredictable, and to work in a wide variety of media.” Bold, bright work bursting with colour and imagination is her stock-in-trade, as she executes her eclectic ideas with consummate skill and craftsmanship. Having previously worked with Armani and The New York Times, her freelance career has given her the freedom to pursue her passions in sometimes unexpected directions. So if she wants to do some illustrations for baby clothes based on 1980s colloquialisms she can (and has!).

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Scholastic Poster

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Bathers

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Wordstation Baby Prints

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Wordstation Baby Prints

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Wordstation Baby Prints

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Red Musicians

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    Andrea D’Aquino: Red Bike


Posted by Rob Alderson

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