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    Andrew Groves: Cover illustration for the ‘Talk’ section of GQ Magazine

Illustrator Andrew Groves does weird, charming, fun things for some big names

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Illustrator Andrew Groves is an in-demand guy with clients like Google, GQ and Reebok queuing up to make use of his use skills. But this is no rent-a-brief stooge ready to churn out whatever’s deemed the in-thing for the highest bidder, this is a creative mind which seemingly kind of does what it wants. Recurring motifs include the outdoors, tree stumps, magic and strange little men and there’s just the right mix of charm and weirdness which keeps his work fresh and interesting.

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    Andrew Groves: Magpie Rider

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    Andrew Groves: Reebok Classic Sessions Print

  • Stumpfighter_500px

    Andrew Groves: Stump Fighter for Digital Arts magazine

  • Thegoodtimes500px

    Andrew Groves: Illustration for The Good Times

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    Andrew Groves: Illustration for Eight 48 magazine


Posted by Rob Alderson

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