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That cityscape you're looking at is made from cardboard. Cardboard!

Posted by James Cartwright,

Sometimes you want a photograph to leap up and slap you in the face with its brilliance (not always though, obviously), taking your eyes on a journey they can scarcely believe. Andy Rudak’s Cardboard Cities does just that, tricking you into believing that you’re just looking at a moody moonlit cityscape. But the truth is there’s more to it than that – every single scene has been laboriously constructed from cardboard by master set-builder Luke Aan de Wiel before being carefully shot for maximum impact. We’re blown away by the results and reckon you might be too. Powerful stuff!

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    Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities

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    Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities

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    Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities

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    Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities

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    Andy Rudak: Cardboard Cities


Posted by James Cartwright

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