• 1soniagandia2011

    Anna Huix: Sonia, Gandia

  • 2gemmagandia2011

    Anna Huix: Gemma, Gandia

  • 3belengandia2011

    Anna Huix: Belen, Gandia

  • 4nereabenicarlo2011

    Anna Huix: Nerea, Benicarlo

  • 5elaragandia2011

    Anna Huix: Elara, Gandia

  • 6chantalvalencia2011

    Anna Huix: Chantal, Valencia

  • 7mariabenicarlo2011

    Anna Huix: Maria, Benicarlo

  • 8laurabenicarlo2011

    Anna Huix: Laura, Benicarlo

  • 9carmenbenicarlo2011

    Anna Huix: Aida, Valencia

  • Lastbullfighters1

    Anna Huix: The Last Bullfighters

Anna Huix: Foc

Posted by Rob Alderson,

This intriguing, unnerving series by Spanish photographer Anna Huix features revolves around the annual Falles celebrations in honour of St Joseph which take place in and around Valencia. Anna is fascinated by the way in which “traditions survive in a globalised and hyper communicated world” and why these nostalgic but extremely costly customs endure to this day. Photographing the young falleras, Anna has created a brilliantly penetrating piece of work – on the emotional pull of traditions, the conflicts of female adolescence and the social tension between progress and the past.


Posted by Rob Alderson

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