• Anthonygerace-lead

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 2 (detail)

Look closer, these beautiful images by Anthony Gerace used to be Playboys...

Posted by James Cartwright,

Anthony Gerace’s chromatic collages might appear on first glance to be fairly simple works, but there’s much more going on beneath the surface than appearances would have you believe. For starters, each of his chromatic compositions is constructed from a single page of vintage magazine – at some point or another all of Anthony’s pieces were a Life, Playboy or Popular Mechanics (we didn’t know that was a magazine until yesterday). By slicing and tearing up these antique volumes Anthony creates flat blocks of colour from matching tonal cuttings.

As a result each piece is entirely unique despite tonal similarities. “One of the things I wanted to do was show that each [piece] is unique not only in composition but also in tonality, and that to use the same source would still result in something different. I found two copies of the same magazine and made two collages, which manage to be quite different from one another while still being the same.” We’re pretty keen on Anthony’s textured creations – they demonstrate an obsessive love for printed media that we like to think we share completely.

  • Fig._50a

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 50a

  • Fig._50b

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 50b

  • Fig._20

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 20

  • Fig._44

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 44

  • Fig._89

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 89

  • Fig._80

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 80

  • Fig._2

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 2

  • Fig._26

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 26

  • Fig._3

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 3

  • Fig._33

    Anthony Gerace: Fig. 33


Posted by James Cartwright

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