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    R is for Rubbish

  • 2

    F is for Future President

  • 3

    E is for the Enemy of Democracy

  • 4

    S is for School

  • 5

    F is for Fat Cat

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    E is for the Enemy of Democracy

Anton Kannemeyer

Posted by Alex Moshakis,

Anton Kannemeyer’s work is an hilariously potent right-left combination of humour and critique. Known to be responsible for the emergence of high comic satire within South African art, (along with Conrad Botes, with whom he co-founded the sometimes-subversive press Bitterkomix), the Cape Town-based artist’s most recent series, Alphabet of Democracy, documents – in ways both funny and frightening – the hidden absurdities of life in his home country.


Posted by Alex Moshakis

Alex originally joined It’s Nice That as a designer but moved into editorial and oversaw the It’s Nice That magazine from Issue Six (July 2011) to Issue Eight (March 2012) before moving on that summer.