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    Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

Advertising: Beautiful website marks 30 years of the Apple Mac

Posted by Rob Alderson,

I turn 30 in a few months’ time but in a spirit of denial, my plans to mark this milestone are unambitious. But to mark the game-changing MacIntosh turning 30, Apple have really pushed the boat out. On both an interesting video and an excellent dedicated website, they have lined up some of the creatives whose work has been defined by their relationship with Apple’s famous computer; both famous names like Moby, Es Devlin and Iris van Herpen to lesser-known but no less impressive case studies for whom the Mac has played an indelible part in their life and work.

For a brand anniversary that could so easily tip into toe-curling self indulgence, Apple had the good sense to humanise the impact the Mac has had over the past three decades, with personal stories taking precedence over the technological timeline. It’s also – as you’d expect – a beautifully designed site that is both straightforward to navigate and enjoyable to spend some time on.

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    Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

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    Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

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    Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

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    Apple: Thirty Years of Mac


Posted by Rob Alderson

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