• Lajeunie-hero

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Langerna, L’Imparfaite #5 (detail)

Photography: Stunning nudes and mystical landscapes from Arnaud Lajeunie

Posted by James Cartwright,

Co-founder and photo editor of French erotic journal L’imparfaite, Arnaud Lajeunie is a pretty talented image-maker in his own right. Unsurprisingly he’s a dab hand when it comes to capturing nudes, shooting his close friends just as much as professional models, all of them without their clothes. But he’s also got an eye for landscapes, transforming non-descript coastal regions into scenes of strange chromatic occurrences, conjuring rivers of liquid colour and flames licking across the surface of choppy seas. Thanks to VLF for the heads up!

  • Arnaudlajeunie_clipperton_still_3_(2012)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Clipperton, Le Monde

  • Arnaudlajeunie_ablaze_2_(2012)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Ablaze #2

  • Arnaudlajeunie_clipperton_still_1_(2012)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Clipperton, Le Monde

  • Arnaudlajeunie_solution-crystalline_(2012)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Solution Crystaline No1

  • Lajeunie-6

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Langema, L’Imparfaite #5

  • Arnaudlajeunie_langema_sand_blue_orang_and_green_(2013)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Langema, L’Imparfaite #5

  • Arnaudlajeunie_l'eau-dans-sable_6_(2010)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: L’eau dans le sable, L’Imparfaite #2

  • Arnaudlajeunie_langema_sand_orange_and_green_(2013)_web

    Arnaud Lajeunie: Langema, L’Imparfaite #5


Posted by James Cartwright

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