• Food--new-york-1978

    Arne Lind: Food, New York, 1978

  • Franklin--buenos-aires-november-1983

    Arne Lind: Frankiln, Buenos Aires, November 1983

  • Typ1

    Arne Lind: Mix, Vitaby, August 1986

  • Menu--paris-september-1977

    Arne Lind: Menu, Paris, September 1977

  • Normalise-din--narai-july-1988

    Arne Lind: Normalise, Dinnari, July 1988

  • Ricard-logo--paris-september-1977

    Arne Lind: Ricard, Logo, Paris, September 1977_

  • Rounded--berlin-april-1987

    Arne Lind: Rounded, Berlin, April 1987

  • Trade-gothic--new-york-1978

    Arne Lind: Trade Gothic, New York, 1978

  • Univers-ultra-condensed--florida-january-1987

    Arne Lind: Univers Ultra COodensed, Florida, January 1987

  • Upper-case--london-may-1985

    Arne Lind: Upper Case, London, May 1985

Arne Lind: Typography

Posted by Rob Alderson,

You know that game where you pick three guests you’d have to a dream dinner party – well mine just got a new contender thanks to Arne Lind. He’s a Swedish graphic designer, a keen carpenter (who’s restored a 38ft yacht and a 19th Century farm) and a fabulous photographer. His website arranges his pictures (mainly taken between 1970 and 1990) in themes such as facades or excursion Soviet Union but it’s this Typography one which really floats our boat. Clearly combining his professional eye and his passion for pictures, it’s a tremendous, varied study. Let me know when you’re free Arne!


Posted by Rob Alderson

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