The office Christmas party captured in 45 seconds by Art & Graft

Posted by Rob Alderson,

Whether your work Christmas party has already been and gone (and the recriminations are in full swing) or if you’re gearing up for it this week and trying to gauge which of your colleagues may prove to be a loose canon, it’s a fine festive tradition. And it’s been captured by the talented folk over at Art & Graft who have produced a Christmas video card which shows how the most staid of office shindigs can descend into booze-fuelled mayhem. Just 45 seconds long, it nevertheless does a beautiful job of showing how a night out can take on its own momentum, and may serve either as a painful reminder or a salutary warning…

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    Art & Graft: Happy Christmas! (still)

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    Art & Graft: Happy Christmas! (still)

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    Art & Graft: Happy Christmas! (still)


Posted by Rob Alderson

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