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    Jules de Balincourt: Neither Day or Night

Art: Cosmic, detailed paintings from French artist Jules de Balincourt

Posted by Liv Siddall,

I saw Jules’ work at Frieze this year, glowing like a beacon through the endless throngs of people flocking to see their reflections in a Koons. His paintings are huge, which is probably because he likes to cram a tonne of stuff inside them making each masterpiece like a scene from an exciting, adventurous novel. I don’t know if he’s taking these incredible epic snapshots from old books on blunderbusses or italian romance or if he’s drawing inspiration merely from his own memories. Either way, his foggy rays of sunlight, breezy boat outings and portraits of Clint Eastwood are transporting me to different and far more favourable worlds, and I’m incredibly glad I came across his work.

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    Jules de Balincourt: To Be Titled

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    Jules de Balincourt: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

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    Jules de Balincourt: Badlands Memorial

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    Jules de Balincourt: Homer, Hopper and Manet

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    Jules de Balincourt: Boys’ Club

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    Jules de Balincourt: Globe Faces

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    Jules de Balincourt: Idol Hands

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    Jules de Balincourt: Untitled

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    Jules de Balincourt: Neither Day or Night


Posted by Liv Siddall

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