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    Merijn Hos: Soup

Art: A mixed bag of new goodies from ever-brilliant Merijn Hos

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Oh how convenient, just when you needed a little serotonin boost, BAM! Here come Merijn with some updates of his constantly mind-blowing work. As well as being of the highest and most unique quality, Merijn’s work is also pleasingly varied, making his portfolio a fizzing, glowing party bag of astonishing draughtsmanship. Personally I thought I’d never see anything better than his wood sculptures but I think these twiddly hand-drawn letterforms have taken over for now. That and his saucy MAOAM-esque Soup illustration above which, I think you’ll agree, is perfect.

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    Merijn Hos: Numbers

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    Merijn Hos: Numbers

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    Merijn Hos: Numbers

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    Merijn Hos: Numbers

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    Merijn Hos: Numbers

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    Merijn Hos: The Griffin Farley Foundation

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    Merijn Hos: Pori Jazz Festival 2014

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    Merijn Hos: Bedford Pages

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    Merijn Hos: IF at Tivoli


Posted by Liv Siddall

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