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    Amy Woodside: WE

Art: Amy Woodside continues to wow us with her new collection

Posted by Emily Beber,

We don’t really need to say very much about the brilliant new collection of artist Amy Woodside’s because they speak for themselves – literally. Silkscreened on paper or painted, words geometrically arranged, stack into themselves, overlapping or slipping away from form. Playing with colour, the letters move between warm pastel shades breaking occasionally into sky or splitting completely as though slicked with oil.

Just as we admired back in January, it is this play on words and their movements on the page that is so appealing for us. And the new collection reaffirms our praise while confidently adopting a different medium,. Working with acrylic and gouache as well as silkscreening, Amy allows the words to punctuate the surface of the paper, a powerful gesture that literally calls out from the page.

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    Amy Woodside: No Discount

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    Amy Woodside: Us

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    Amy Woodside: The Bahamas

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    Amy Woodside: PAMU

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    Amy Woodside: Solar Radiation

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    Amy Woodside: Sundown


Posted by Emily Beber

Emily worked with us as an editorial intern during her summer break from the Royal College of Art and wrote for the site between August and September 2013.