Ben Pawle single-handedly solves the mystery of unwrapping a condom

Posted by James Cartwright,

Don’t worry, we’ve not swapped editorial teams with Nuts magazine for the day, this is an actual piece of design with very noble intentions. Ben Pawle has created a condom wrapper that can be opened with a single finger-clicking motion. Initially designed for people with hemiplegia, the paralysis of one half of the body, the wrapper is intended to make this everyday (!) task simple for those with the condition.

But the design’s intuitive action answers a problem that has been in need of addressing for a long time. “Why is a condom an obstacle and hinderance instead of enhancing a moment?” says Ben. “It was born out of a project that looked at a specific condition but it actually had a value that everyone could appreciate or connect with.” We couldn’t agree more.

  • Benpawle5

    Ben Pawle: One Handed Condom Wrapper

  • Benpawle2

    Ben Pawle: One Handed Condom Wrapper

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    Ben Pawle: One Handed Condom Wrapper


Posted by James Cartwright

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