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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked

Ben Roberts takes us inside Amazon's insanely humungous warehouse

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

Ever wondered where Amazon keep their huge inventory? Well thanks to Ben Roberts and journalist Sarah O’Connor, you can indulge your curiosity in their project Amazon Unpacked. In 2011, Amazon occupied a warehouse the size of nine football pitches in the dilapidated town of Rugeley, Staffordshire.

There’s more to this story than just marvelling at the size of Amazon’s warehouse. Rugeley is a former coal mining town, and devastated by it’s closure in 1990, the residents were hopeful of Amazon moving in and revitalising the economy. Not only does Ben photograph the warehouse itself but also the community, he questions “the arrival of Amazon to occupy a huge warehouse in the town was originally seen as being a boost to the local economy, but has it turned out that way?” 

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked, Volunteers at the Rugeley food bank

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked, Former Coal Miner

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    Ben Roberts: Amazon Unpacked


Posted by Holly Wilkins

Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.