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    Martino Gamper: Bench Years with Established and Sons

LDF 2012: Ten designers create a bench to mark a decade of the festival

Posted by Rob Alderson,

There’s always a project like this at The London Design Festival but it’s rare the names involved are this fantastic, and the results so good. Bench Years at The V&A is a series of one-off benches designed by the likes of Barber Osgerby, Martino Gamper, Konstantin Gric and Felix de Pass, one for each year LDF has been running.

Established & Sons paired the designers up with a supplier and the brief was to create something that harnessed the attributes of materials from cork to ceramic, steel to marble. Wandreing around the grandiose setting of the museum’s John Madjeski Garden it’s a reminder that even the most everyday objects encapsulate dozens of design decisions, and it’s also one of the rare LDF projects you can sit on which is a bonus.

Our particular favourites were Felix’s simple, metallic structure, Martino’s gorgeous wooden offering and Konstantin’s surprisingly comfortable mosaic bench, reminiscent of every swimming pool you ever went to in the 1990s.

  • Bench-of-plates-by-al_a-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    AL_A: Bench Years with Established and Sons

  • Marble-bench-by-edward-barber-and-jay-osgerby-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    Barber Osgerby: Bench Years with Established and Sons

  • Metal-bench-by-felix-de-pass-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    Felix de Pass: Bench Years with Established and Sons

  • Mosaic-bench-by-konstantin-grcic-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    Konstantin Grcic: Bench Years with Established and Sons

  • Tubular-steel-bench-by-alexander-taylor-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    Alexander Taylor: Bench Years with Established and Sons

  • Wood-bench-by-martino-gamper-for-bench-years-with-established-and-sons

    Martino Gamper: Bench Years with Established and Sons


Posted by Rob Alderson

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