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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo (detail)

Photography: Some of the best landscapes around from the brilliant Benjamin Gerull

Posted by James Cartwright,

It’s become a bit of an in-joke round these parts that my tastes in photography are limited almost exclusively to picturesque landscapes; rolling hills, windswept trees and roads that lead to nowhere. It’s true, I’m a sucker for all of those things but what’s not to like, particularly when the quality of those rolling hills is as good as in Benjamin Gerull’s images? The German photographer is a master at capturing the great outdoors in all its rugged, bruised majesty. His Zacharo series in particular focusses on a small area of southern Greece – an unkempt area of hillside that’s been ravaged by fire. Benjamin’s sensitivity to the landscape’s subtle hues, punctuated with flashes of lush green vegetation makes for an exceptional series of photographs that you’re sure to appreciate even if you’re not as landscape-obsessed as I appear to be.

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo

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    Benjamin Gerull: Zacharo


Posted by James Cartwright

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