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The visceral comic genius of Argentinian illustrator Berliac

Posted by James Cartwright,

Argentinian-born Norway-based comics artist, Berliac creates illustrations and comics of earthy power, rendered swiftly and with immediacy as if carved directly into metal or monoprinted straight onto the pages of his books. Though my Spanish isn’t really up to much it’s fair to say his work deals heavily with the darker aspects of the human condition – desire, despair, fear and betrayal – drawing visual parallels between the love-making of a young couple and the thrashing of crocodiles, peppering his panels with yonic imagery. If you’re in the market for some visceral four-panel narratives look no further, Berliac is undoubtedly your man.

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    Berliac: Devil Got my Woman

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    Berliac: Devil Got my Woman

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    Berliac: Devil Got my Woman

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    Berliac: Devil Got my Woman

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    Berliac: Kovra

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    Berliac: Kovra


Posted by James Cartwright

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