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    Bianca Tuckwell: Song Thrush

Photography: Incredible birds' nests captured up-close by Bianca Tuckwell

Posted by Liv Siddall,

We’ve had to put in a bit of a cap on the amount of projects we feature that are essentially objects on coloured backgrounds, but we let this one slide because the objects are real bird’s nests sourced from the actual wild. Bianca Tuckwell just scooped a first class honours degree from UCA Farnham, perhaps due to the absolute winner of The Growth That Is Our Own Cradle alone. These uncomplicated photographs of things which we know exist but never really get to properly observe is a perfect example of a project that looks simple to create, but actually involves a hell of a lot of work. Favourite nest? Song Thrush, definitely. Cosy.

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Blackbird

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Blue tit

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Dunnock

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Gold Crest

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Song Thrush

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    Bianca Tuckwell: Wren


Posted by Liv Siddall

Liv joined It’s Nice That as an intern in 2011 and is now one of our editors. She oversees itsnicethat.com and has a particular interest in illustration, photography and music videos. She also runs our London listings site This At There, and is a regular on our Studio Audience podcast.