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    Black and WTF: A boy boxes a dog.

So the olden days were weird. Want proof? Check out Black and WTF

Posted by Liv Siddall,

We’re used to seeing people from bygone eras generally sitting about, wearing black, riding horses (not smiling horses, though), signing agreements, cutting down ludicrously mammoth trees…you get the picture. But get these pictures! Have you ever seen a Tumblr with a clearer aim, pulled off with such perfection? The concept here is straightforward – whatever preconceptions you had about anything pre 1960 being boring, throw out of the window, and rest your eyes on a collection of pictures exposing just how weird the olden days really were. Kangaroos bowling? Sure. But the best ones are surely the images of the reckless – and perhaps drunken – twenty-somethings on anti-prohibition protests in the streets of America. That’s the spirit!

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    Black and WTF: Harold Lloyd shakes hands with a little person.

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    Black and WTF: Five U.S. Soldiers (and boy) in a fan formation.

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    Black and WTF: Overstocked clothier, Denmark

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    Black and WTF

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    Black and WTF: Max Factor demonstrates his “scientific device” the Beauty Micrometer which detects defects in feminine beauty that are imperceptible to the naked eye.

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    Black and WTF: Model Monique Van Vooren bowling with a kangaroo.

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    Black and WTF

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    Black and WTF: Woman invents dimple machine


Posted by Liv Siddall

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