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Boat Magazine

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Boat Magazine is the “nomadic biannual” that picks up house for a month and transports itself to a different city, investing in insightful editorial on the culture and characters that populate it. Number one was Sarajevo, number two (the latest) is Detroit – making visible both a local and an outsider perspective of the metropolis whose history is made remarkable by its former grandeur, dystopic decay and current phoenix revival. Designed and art directed by Luke Tonge and edited by Erin and Davey Spens who will be guest posting all this week. And they’ve selected a host of brilliant, autonomous endeavours that echo Boat in their “antidote to lazy journalism.”


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.

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  1. Nymag-int-list

    New York Magazine has put 35 of of the 46 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault on the cover of its most recent issue. Inside are interviews and portraits of the “Unwelcome Sisterhood” shot by Amanda Demme. Alongside senior editor Noreen Malone’s essay, the magazine has published individual accounts of the womens’ stories and six video interviews online.

  2. Pirelli-itsnicethat-list-2

    I’d love nothing more than to be a fly on the wall in the meeting at Milanese tire company Pirelli in 1964, when somebody like the work experience guy first suggested making a raunchy calendar. “Except, we’ll only use supermodels,” I imagine he’d have muttered nervously, to the big dogs smoking cigars in their leather chairs. “We’ll get all the best photographers to shoot it, and we’ll only give it to VIPs and really important clients.”

  3. Iit-int-list

    Back in 2013 photographer Martin Zähringer launched a platform designed by Charlotte Heal to give seen-but-not-heard models a soapbox to stand on. Is In Town has been running online ever since, featuring shoots with fresh-faced up-and-comers – mostly shot by Martin and a small cast of collaborators – and accompanying conversational interviews. The model-driven project has also quite recently moved into print with a black and white publication and the second issue, designed by Laura Tabet, is fresh off the press with five covers all shot by different photographers. The magazine is distributed by Antenne Books and is stocked everywhere from Colette to the The Photographers’ Gallery.

  4. Kitty_crowther_017-jake-green-its-nice-that-list

    Jake Green is an old chum of the site, and recently we’ve been enamoured with his look at London’s Evangelical churches. But it’s the church of illustration he’s been bowing down to recently, and all our prayers have been answered in the form of The Bookmaker’s Studio. The sweet little tome brings together beautiful photographs shot inside the studios of children’s illustrators, and features text by another old chum of It’s Nice That, James Cartwright. “It’s not often you get the chance to go and hang out with some of your heroes, so the images we’ve created capture our excitement at being allowed into these otherwise unseen spaces to witness such a variety of personalities, styles and techniques,” says Jake.

  5. Mondial-itsnicethat-list

    In the ten years since it first launched, Rapha has established a solid reputation for itself as the touchstone for all things concerned with cycling; whether that be a book of cycling photography, Kings of Pain, a series of stunning short films directed by brilliant Andrew Telling or the very best high-end gear any self-respecting athlete-on-two-wheels could wish to wear.

  6. Gsa-51170-int-list

    Recent design graduates Kat Loudon and Erin Bradley-Scott watched from the design building as Glasgow School of Art’s historic Mackintosh building went up in flames last year. The much-loved library designed by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh was destroyed and the archive was severely water damaged after a fire broke out as students prepared for their final degree show. Students lost entire portfolios, some 90 oil paintings, 8,000 books and journals, archival material as well as original furniture were all ravaged, and architecture enthusiasts the world over the reeled as it was revealed the Glasgow landmark’s library – a jewel of Art Nouveau design built between 1897 and 1909 – was all but ash.

  7. Elephant_int_list

    You only have to look at the way early digital art is already fetishised as nostalgia to scratch the surface of a culture in which everything happening is already considered past. Post-Everything, we are living the the Post era. The term Post-Internet Art is one you will have most likely heard but for good reason remain uncertain about. For some, whatever it is (or was) it’s already over, for others it was a distinct shift in art-making we are still reeling from and for others still, it’s what’s happening right now.

  8. Illustrated_people_int_list

    French artist Thomas Mailaender is putting a new spin on the old trope of the body as a canvas. For his most recent book, Illustrated People, Thomas applied 23 negatives of archival photographs onto his subjects’ bodies and used a UV lamp to sear the images onto their skin. This process of temporarily transferring negatives onto skin has a similar effect to sunburn, although the fleeting images begin to fade as soon as they are exposed to daylight. Juxtaposing colour photographs of his sunburn shots with black and white archival imagery, Thomas’ jarring, pink-skinned portraits are seen on arms, backs, stomachs and legs in a 128-page hardcover publication with a befitting red sleeve.

  9. Temps-de-vacances-itsnicethat-list

    Photographer Adrià Cañameras has made long glittering stretches of Mediterranean landscapes his bread and butter, so when it came to contributing to the new issue of Temps de Vacances, a biannual indie mag-cum-travelogue, he seems to have been a natural fit to contribute.

  10. Mark_magazine_int_list

    From Jan van Toorn to Wim Crouwel, Amsterdam has been turning out cutting-edge graphic design talent for the better part of the last half-century. Carrying the torch along with design innovators like Experimental Jetset is Edwin van Gelder, the man behind one of the most impressive studios currently working out of the Dutch capital, Mainstudio. Favouring exactitude and a razor-sharp aesthetic of the kind he championed during his beautifully inventive redesign of architecture magazine Mark between 2008 and 2012, Edwin set the tone for his focus on editorial design for architecture and art publications. He has since designed an award-winning book for artist Thomas Raat, the identity for the IIT College of Architecture in Chicago and is currently working an architecture book for MoMA due out next year.

  11. Limparfaite-itsnicethat-list-2

    I know what you’re thinking – “oh, jolly good – another indie mag repurposing erotica” – but happily, Paris-based magazine L’imparfaite does much more than most sexy mags. Founded in 2009 by graduates from the prestigious Sciences Po Paris institute of political studies, the publication was conceived as a kind of revolution. “The journal drew much attention by offering critical inquiry into gender and sexuality and by literally undressing the future elite of French politics,” the editors explain. “Since then, the journal has extended its reach beyond the academy and welcomed contributions by writers and photographers from around the world.”

  12. Nytbr-int-art-issue

    Over the weekend The New York Times Book Review unveiled its first ever art issue. Featuring a hefty line-up of illustrated books, art-themed fiction, artist biographies, commentary, photography books and monographs reviewed by its esteemed critics and editors, and a cover created by Sarah Illenberger, the art issue is a surprising first in the weekly supplement’s 119-year run.

  13. Nigel-edginton-vigus-fairground-its-nice-that-list

    The bright lights, the sickly scent of candy floss, the relentlessly getting shafted trying to win a child-size plush Pink Panther on the coconut shy…there’s something truly magical, rather strange and occasionally sinister about the fairground. While its typography is often mimicked, few have recognised the brilliance of the surreal artworks that grace its rides, stalls and signs. From strange approximations of Will Smith’s face to depictions of Pinhead from Hellraiser to some genuinely beautiful psychedelic artworks, it’s a garish and beguiling world, and one that’s long fascinated creative director Nigel Edginton-Vigus, who’s created a new book Waltzer to show it all off.