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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru

Rollerskates, hula hoops and junk food make for a very Bompas & Parr drive thru

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Queuing up for Bompas & Parr’s much talked about new adventure (project doesn’t ever quite do them justice) it seemed odd to be watching the cast of Made in Chelsea plus many other not-quite-recognisable celebrities being chauffeured in before the rest of the baying crowd. What used to be two men on a mission to blow the minds of the unwitting public using large quantities of jelly and booze are now some of the most sought-after food artists on the planet (which may explain the arrival of the celebs).

So what exactly was all the queuing about? Well, in celebration of London Fashion Week, Mercedes hired out an enormous, almost entirely marble space below Selfridges known as the entrance to the Old Selfridges Hotel and enlisting the delectable Bompas and Parr to help them, they set about to create a culinary car-based event to wow the public.

Staying true to the drive-thru theme, crowds of people were served tiny burgers, cheese fondu and quails eggs washed down with intriguing cocktails including one gin martini with a rather unexpected cocktail hotdog. After the food had been very messily consumed, the huge doors of the room opened and down a marble ramp came a very shiny Mercedes that was full to the brim of cheese for everyone to gorge on. Combine that food with visual treats such as rollerskating waitresses, live music and hula-hooping, and you’ve got yourself a pretty perfect Bompas & Parr collaboration.

Check out this great video about the brains of Bompas & Parr by the www.theavantgardediaries.com

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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru

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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru

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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru

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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru

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    Bompas & Parr: Mercedes Drive-Thru


Posted by Liv Siddall

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