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    Boo George: Teen Vogue

Blessed be those captured by the lens of Boo George!

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Those that have been captured, or blessed, by the camera of Boo George can pretty much count themselves as immortalised. Boo’s trigger-finger and exacting eyeballs combined could probably be insured for more than Julia Robert’s smile (£30million in case you were wondering) due to his demand in the fashion world. As well as being responsible for a whole range of i-D magazine covers which never fail to make you want to purchase the publication immediately, Boo has also made some seriously stunning photo spreads for LOVE magazine who, like him, push their creativity to the max by sprinkling just the right amount of of weird…Check out some more info about Boo here.

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    Boo George: i-D magazine

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    Boo George: T Magazine

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    Boo George: We, the mighty, the brave and the wise, Love Magazine (Editorial)

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    Boo George: New Creative Establishment 2010, Industrie Magazine

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    Boo George: We, the mighty, the brave and the wise, Love Magazine (Editorial)

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    Boo George: Call a Wave (LOVE Magazine)

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    Boo George: Call a Wave (LOVE Magazine)

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    Boo George: Man About Town Magazine


Posted by Liv Siddall

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