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    Misaki Kawai: Bookshelf

Bookshelf: Wowzah! A spectacular Bookshelf from Misaki Kawai!

Posted by Liv Siddall,

Oh my Goodness what a treat! A bookshelf from friendly and fun artist Misaki Kawai. Misaki has been making us go warm and fuzzy and feel silly for years with her utterly unique paintings, illustrations and designs. As well as designing some of the most loveable characters ever created by an artist, Misaki is also responsible for making some of the best and most inventive merchandise you can imagine. Unsurprisingly her five most inspirational books are a cosmic medley of some of the strangest tomes I’ve ever seen, accompanied by some of the most hilarious captions we’ve ever been sent. Enjoy!

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Craft TV show when I was little. Hairy racoon and high-waist guy makes hand made toys and instruments from scraps.

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    Toys Sold In Cheap Sweet Shops

Toys Sold In Cheap Sweet Shops

Cheap toys have funny design. Jumping octopus, ghost girl with one hair etc…

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    Young Master (movie comics/ jackie chan)

Young Master: Movie comics/Jackie Chan

Super Jackie sensei. What is his Japanese book called “Love Me Po Po”?

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    Chinese Handmade Toys

Chinese Handmade Toys

Chinese people sit on the small wooden chair on the street or in the villages and make handmade toys. Kids are gathering around to watch how to make.

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    Mystery Picture Book of India

Mystery Picture Book of India

Remind me of walking on slippery streets in India – watch out your butty!


Posted by Liv Siddall

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