• Behindthebeverly-1
    Behind The Beverly Hills Hotel, 1977
  • Ali_buss_mayor-bradley
    Ali and The Sea Of Faces, 1979
  • Debbieharry

    Debbie Harry Early Visits To Los Angeles, 1977

  • Duranduran_hyatt

    Duran at the Riot House, 1981

  • Dylan_blackley

    The Day I Shook The Hand Of Bob Dylan, 1976

  • Joan_suitcase
    Joan Jett at the Tropicana Motel, 1978
  • Jackson

    Michael Jackson At Chasen’s, 1978

  • Madonna
    Madonna Meets The Press, 1982
  • Mattdillan

    Matt Dillon in My Living Room, 1980

  • Philspector_kessles
    Phil Spector at the Magic Castle, 1976
  • Stevejonespool1

    There’s A Sex Pistol In My Pool!, 1978

Brad Elterman

Posted by Bryony Quinn,

Photographer Brad Elterman appears to be one of very few people on the wrong side of the pool for this photo. His archive starts in the 1970s – shot from the perspective of a tour bus – to right now, with his new digital work finding itself regularly updated with old gems on his excellent tumblr. Elterman’s subjects are the fun and famous and each image is accompanied with an anecdote that follows along a standard yet bewildering line: “I was hanging out at a Rolling Stones/Bob Dylan/Blondie/other concert when I bumped into Farrah Fawcet/Matt Dillon/Phil Spector/other and we hung out. I was, like, 16.” And a legend already…


Posted by Bryony Quinn

Bryony was It’s Nice That’s first ever intern and worked her way up to assistant online editor before moving on to pursue other interests in the summer of 2012.