• Bradley-hart-bubble-wrap-paintings-3-600x431

    Bradley Hart: Insomnia

Artist Bradley Hart uses bubble wrap in a whole new way... no popping here!

Posted by Holly Wilkins,

No one can resist the lure of bubble wrap. Popping those little beauties is most definitely the best thing ever, but for Bradley Hart, bubble wrap has taken over his life. Through a time-consuming process of injecting individual bubbles with acrylic paint, Bradley has created a series of realistic portraits and street scenes. The paint that escapes from those little bubbles imprint themselves onto a canvas to create rain washed looking versions called Impressions. The portrait of modern icon Steve Jobs took some 150 hours injecting more than 16,000 bubbles with 89 different colours. Wow. Feel some sympathy for the guy, the sacred act of popping bubble wrap will never be the same again.

  • Bradley-hart-bubble-wrap-paintings-1-600x708

    Bradley Hart: Steve Jobs

  • Bradley_hart_-_washington_square_park

    Bradley Hart: Washington Park Square

  • Bradley-hart-bubble-wrap-paintings-2-600x624

    Bradley Hart: Sara

  • Bradley-hart-bubble-wrap-paintings-4-600x761

    Bradley Hart: Jeremy

  • Bradley-hart-bubble-wrap-paintings-5-600x333

    Bradley Hart: Dam Square, Amsterdam

  • Bubble3impr

    Bradley Hart: Impressions, Dam Square, Amsterdam


Posted by Holly Wilkins

Holly worked with us as an editorial intern after studying at Leeds University and working in the PR industry in Los Angeles for a short period. She wrote for the site between March and May 2013.