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    Clare Chapman: Still Life

Brighten The Corners' great new website for intriguing painter Clare Chapman

Posted by Rob Alderson,

London-based painter Clare Chapman produces work that finds beguiling beauty in the dark and disturbing. Some of her subjects resemble the pus-filled pods or cocoons from which aliens and other horror film staples burst forth, others are more abstract, uncertain outlines in fleshy colours that unnerve without us quite knowing why. The ever-brilliant Brighten The Corners have just redesigned Clare’s website and by keeping the navigation nicely simple they have done a tremendous job at letting us viewers chart and enjoy Clare’s evolution as an artist over the past few years.

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    Clare Chapman: Still Life

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    Clare Chapman: Still Life

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    Clare Chapman: Entangled #3

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    Clare Chapman: Dusk

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    Clare Chapman: Sunset


Posted by Rob Alderson

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