• Lead-washington-state-fish-steelhead-trout

    Julian Montague: Washington

Brilliant posters of official American states' insignia by Julian Montague

Posted by Anna Trench,

Quite how Americans manage to differentiate between 50 states is beyond me. No doubt it’s helpful to have culturally reductive official insignia to aid memory – lucky then that so many American states’ insignia consist of such wonderful and varied mammals, birds, foods, fossils and insects. For starters there’s the Tarantula Hawk Wasp (New Mexico), the Western Meadowlark (Kansas), the Nine Banded Armadillo (Texas), the Emerald (North Carolina), the Western Wheatgrass (North Dakota) and, of course, the potato (Idaho).

Graphic designer, taxonomy enthusiast and book cover champion Julian Montague has created a brilliant series of posters celebrating these icons of America. Harking back to classic mid-twentieth century book covers, they’re informative and extremely pleasing to the eye. No longer need the states of America be restricted to red and blue! These crisp, colourful designs deserve to be a staple of every classroom and beyond.

  • Lead-wyoming-state-reptile-horned-lizard

    Julian Montague: Wyoming

  • Lead-kansas-state-bird-western-meadowlark

    Julian Montague: Kansas

  • Lead-vermont

    Julian Montague: Vermont

  • Lead-wisconsin

    Julian Montague: Winconsin

  • Lead-california

    Julian Montague: California

  • Lead-nevada

    Julian Montague: Nevada

  • Lead-iowa

    Julian Montague: Iowa

  • Lead-montana

    Julian Montague: Montana

  • Lead-maryland

    Julian Montague: Maryland

  • Lead-connecticut

    Julian Montague: Connecticut

  • Lead-minnesota

    Julian Montague: Minnesota

  • Lead-north-carolina-state-gemstone-emerald

    Julian Montague: North Carolina

  • Lead-new-hampshirer

    Julian Montague: New Hampshire

  • Lead-new-jersey

    Julian Montague: New Jersey

  • Lead-north-dakota

    Julian Montague: North Dakota

  • Lead-missouri-state-posters-mi

    Julian Montague: Missouri


Posted by Anna Trench

Anna is a writer and illustrator who joined us as an editorial intern after studying at Cambridge University and Falmouth university. She wrote for the site between January and March 2013.